Distinctly Boutique

Our new and specialised ‘DISTINCTLY BOUTIQUE’ packages bring a whole new meaning to ‘living a safari’ in Tanzania with the added opportunity of meeting extraordinary people working within communities to change lives and empower people. This extraordinary opportunity opens a window rarely seen by tourists who travel between one national park to another, with possibly a beach getaway at the end.

Ironically the concept of boutique safaris has, in many cases become a cliché, however we have produced a collection of safaris that distinctly reflect the faces of Tanzania, its traditions and dreams, which in many respects is the core on which Tanzania’s successful safari industry stands and future of its natural heritage and community life.

Infinite intrigue and wonder encompasses Africa but sadly the pace of most modern-day safaris dilute the true essence of experiencing Tanzania.

Our Boutique Safaris are associated with luxury, but not within itself alone. Luxury accommodation is available in remarkable locations, including special touches, but the essence behind our specialised trips is to take you off the beaten track, where you have the luxury of experiencing true Africa. We support and promote projects associated with tourism that help communities strive and live successfully alongside wildlife. In so doing you help pave the way for growth and advancement for the future of conservation and community development, whilst also enjoying an extraordinarily unique safari. It opens exciting opportunities and new windows when you visit Tanzania.

You may opt to trade customary extravagance for the luxury of sitting under a canopy of stars with a camp fire in the wild, listening to a specialist guide sharing his or her experiences and culture with you or visit areas of particular interest, where we also support projects (see TRAVELS WITH A PURPOSE).

We are constantly developing and broadening this category and you can view our exciting progress through this new website and OUR NEWS blog.