Mt. Kilimanjaro Marangu Treks


Mt. Kilimanjaro Marangu Victory – Seven-day Trek
Mt. Kilimanjaro Marangu Casual – Six-day Trek
Mt. Kilimanjaro Marangu Express – Five-day Trek

Mt Kilimanjaro or Kilemakyaro, as it is called by the local Chagga people, is with its 5.895m/ 19.340ft the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. An almost perfectly shaped volcano which rises from the plains, Mt. Kilimanjaro is one of the Africa’s most breathtaking sights. It is unique in being so close to the equator (3 degrees South or 330km) and yet having a snow-capped summit.

Here presented are the standard Mt. Kilimanjaro Marangu Treks, which follow the same route but differ in the number of days.

Marangu Route, also known as ‘the Tourist Route’ or ‘the Coca Cola Route’, but the truth be known it has increased in popularity recently due to its well kept tracks and stunning views across the ‘Saddle’ and of Mwenzie Peak.’ It is the classic route to the Uhuru Peak. It is the most popular and technically least difficult of all the routes.

Marangu Route is not as scenic as Machame-Mweka Route since ascent and descent is on the same trail but is the only route offering accommodation in huts. It is usually done in five days (four nights) or six days (five nights); but please note that most of the five-day attempts do not end up reaching Uhuru Peak, due to the altitude related problems. An extra day to assist acclimatization is therefore highly recommended.

Accommodation is in huts. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a serious attempt and proper acclimatization is important. An extra day at Horombo Hut for acclimatization is highly recommended and will increase your chances to summit the mountain.

If you wish to trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro on this route, it is recommended to make reservations well in advance as there are a limited number of beds in the huts (only 60 climbers per day allowed!).

For more information about what to bring on trek, altitude diseases and other trekking details, have a look at our Trekking Tips, Trekking FAQ and Altitude Illness info. For any queries about Mt. Kilimanjaro Tours as well as quick price quotation please do not hesitate to contact us!


DAY 1: Arusha – Marangu Gate – Mandara Hut (7km, 3-5 hour walk, 720m/2362ft ascent)
An early depart from Arusha towards Marangu Gate, where trekking to ‘the Roof of Africa’ begins. Follow the trek through the rain forests to reach Mandara Hut close to Maundi Crater. Picnic lunch en route; dinner and overnight in the Mandara Hut.

DAY 2: Mandara Hut – Horombo Hut (11km, 5-7 hour walk, 1000m/3281ft ascent)
After breakfast, the last glades of the forest are left behind and trekking continues slowly passing the Maundi Crater and the open Alpine Meadow all the way to Horombo Hut to overnight. Picnic lunch on the way.

DAY 3: Horombo Hut
OPTION : An additional day and night at Horombo Hut to help acclimatization. All meals are in the hut. Enjoy side-trips or just relax in your camp hut.

DAY 3/4: Horombo Hut – Kibo Hut (10km, 5-7 hour walk, 1000m/3281ft ascent)
After a good nights rest, your trek continues up to the Kibo Hut, passing the last water point and reaching the Kibo Saddle, a broad ‘lunar landscape’ or a desert zone between the two peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi. Picnic lunch on the way; dinner and overnight in the Kibo Hut.

DAY 4/5: Kibo Hut – Uhuru Peak – Horombo Hut (18km, 11-16 hour walk, 1200m/3937ft ascent, 2200m/7218ft descent)
The climb to Uhuru Peak starts just after midnight. The steepest part of the route is up to Gillman’s Point on the crater rim (5.680m/18.635ft). Another 90 minutes of groveling through the snow and the highest peak of Africa is conquered (5.895m/19.340ft). From the summit descend to Horombo Hut to overnight.

DAY 5/6: Horombo Hut – Marangu Gate – Arusha (18km, 5-7 hour walk, 1720m/5643ft descent)
The day is spent descending to Marangu Gate where you will be met and transferred back to your overnight hotel in Arusha. Do not forget to collect your certificate.

End of tour.

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