Mt. Kilimanjaro Shira Trek


Mt. Kilimanjaro Londorossi / Lemosho / Shira – Mweka Victory – Eight-day Trek
Mt. Kilimanjaro Londorossi / Lemosho / Shira – Mweka Casual – Seven-day Trek

Mt Kilimanjaro provides a safe-haven for many wild animals. The mountain forest area is inhabited by elephants, buffalos, elands, blue monkeys, and black and white colobus monkeys. Above »the tree line« the most frequently encountered animals include grey duikers and elands as well as bushbucks and red duikers. Birds can be seen at higher altitudes, but conditions near the peak are too harsh for any animal to endure on a permanent basis.

Here are presented the standard Mt. Kilimanjaro Londorossi / Lemosho / Shira Treks, which follow the same route but differ in the number of days.

Shira Route offers an option passing the glacier where additional climbing equipment needed. We operate an easier option without passing the glacier (therefore, no climbing equipment is needed), where Shira Route connects to Machame-Mweka Route after Shira Camp.

Success rate of summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest on this route, being the longest in distance and thus helping your body to acclimatize best to the high altitude.

Accommodation is in tents. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a serious attempt and proper acclimatization is important. An extra day for acclimatization in Karanga camp will increase your chances of summiting the mountain.

Combine your trek with a game drive through the amazing West Kilimanjaro savannah, or with other parks and reserves within Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit.

For more information about what to bring on trek, altitude sickness and other trekking details, have a look at our Trekking Tips, Trekking FAQ, our Equipment and Preparation page and Altitude Illness information. For any queries about Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs, including quick price quotations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


DAY 1: Arusha – Londorossi/Lemosho Gate – Big Tree or Forrest Camp (7km, 4-6 hour walk, 395m/1296ft ascent)

DAY 2: Big Tree or Forrest Camp – Shira 1 Camp (8km, 4-6 hour walk, 1115m/3658ft ascent)


DAY 3: Shira 1 Camp – Shira 2 Camp (10km, 5-7 hour walk, 400m/1312ft ascent)


DAY 4: Shira 2 Camp – Lawa Tower – Barranco Camp (10km, 6-7 hour walk, 110m/361ft ascent)
After breakfast at Shira Camp, continue trekking on the path which gradually rises towards ‘Kibo Dome’. You will pass a junction leading to the Arrow Glacier, then reach Barranco Valley and Barranco Campsite for overnight. Picnic lunch is on route.

DAY 5: Barranco Camp  – Karanga Camp (4km, 4-6 hour walk, 150m/492ft ascent)
After breakfast depart Barranco and continue trekking on a steep ridge passing Barranco Wall and the Karanga Valley reaching Karanga Camp for lunch.
OPTION: This day can be used for acclimatisation with another acclimatization climb in the afternoon or just relaxation in the camp.

DAY 5/6: Karanga Camp – Barafu Hut (4km, 4-6 hour walk, 450m/1476ft ascent)
If acclimatisation day is not used with overnight at Karanga Camp (see previous day), then day 4 is continuing after lunch with a trek to Barafu Hut for overnight, reaching in the afternoon hours.
If acclimatisation day is used previous day at Karanga Camp, trek to Barafu starts after breakfast reaching the camp in early afternoon hours with afternoon rest before the night final summit ascent. The peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo can be seen from this point.

DAY 6/7: Barafu Hut– Uhuru Peak – Mweka Camp (17km, 10-15 hour walk, 1300m/4265ft ascent, 2800m/9186ft descent)
Start trekking shortly after midnight, passing the Stella Point (5.745m/18.848ft) to conquer the Uhuru Peak, the highest point of Africa (5.895m/19.340ft). From the summit descend to Mweka Campsite to overnight. Picnic lunch is en route.

DAY 7/8: Mweka Camp– Mweka Gate – Arusha (9km, 3-4 hour walk, 1600m/5249ft descent)
The day is spent descending to the Mweka Gate where you will be met and transferred back to your overnight hotel in Arusha. Do not forget to keep your certificate for successfully reaching the summit.

End of tour.

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